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Areas of Expertise

  • We Promote the responsible use of Non-Public Personal Private information
  • Investigations are kept within the realm of reason keeping all investigation acts legal.



Background Checks/Due Diligence


We performed Asset profile investigations for attorney’s whose clients are deciding whether or not to file a lawsuit against another party.   After conducting an asset investigation, it’s common that a client will have little chance recouping their losses. This scenario plays out every week in performing a Due Diligence investigations. We will be able to help our clients determine to either go ahead in a law suit or steer them away and or at least let them know who and what they are dealing with.


Our background reports on individuals and due diligence reports on business entities are affordable and our turnaround time is as quick as anyone in the industry.  If you are going to hire a key employee, start a relationship with another business or make an investment, I recommend you, to verify that you are making the right decision.







Asset Check Investigations


Social Security Number Verification

Address History

Motor Vehicle Registrations

Marine Water Craft Registrations

County/State Civil/Criminal Records

County/State Marriage/Divorce Records

Federal Bankruptcy Records

Business Ownership Records

State UCC Filings (Debtor/Creditor)

Real Property Ownership & Trust Deeds/Conveyances

County/State Lien Record Abstracts

Professional State Licenses

Place of Employment Research




Additional Services:

  • Mobile  Notary Services

  • Personal Interviewing-Statement Taking

  • Asset searches (pre & post Litigation)

  • Identity Theft/Credit Fraud

  • Judgment Collections

  • Debt Collections

  • Asset Recovery/Repossessions

  • Skip tracing  and Locating

  • Employment Screening

  • Internet Crimes

  • Email Tracing & Social Networking

  • Litigation support



Skip Trace/Locate Investigations


Nationwide Criss-Cross Directories

Nationwide Surname Research

Nationwide Address History Research

Address/Mail forwarding Research

US Postal Box Identification

Business Ownership Registrations

Voter Registration Records

DMV Records Research

Email Address Identification

Website Ownership Identification

Social Network Profiling Identification

Landline/Cell phone Account Holder Identification




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